SIXEMOTIONS.COM (and any Platform, in any format), owned by “MassTechLace”, limited

liability company, created under the Portuguese Law and located in “Azinhaga dos Bezouros, 5,

2650-367 Amadora, PORTUGAL”. All advertised products and services through the platform,

SIXEMOTIONS.COM, may be provided by “Partners” who join the platform.

All the DATA provided by the Member, from now on named “Data Owner”, are subject

to a licit, transparent data processing and limited to the purposes described and consent in the “Data Share”.

SIXEMOTIONS will process all the data provided by the “Data Owner” with confidentiality and integrity and will store the data until the “Data Owner” request SIXEMOTIONS to delete the DATA,

including the On-line profile created in the Platform. As well as all the reservations and services

acquired through SIXEMOTIONS.

The Name, Last Name and Phone Number, is shared with the “Partners”. The “Data Owner” can

check the purpose of sharing this data in the Consent and also check the agreement celebrated

between SIXEMOTIONS and the “Partners” regarding the data process.

SIXEMOTIONS can also share your DATA with national supervision authorities, national

resolution authorities, as well as other public entities, including the Courts, the Public Prosecution,

the Tax Authority, Social Welfare, among others when bind by law or court order.

SIXEMOTIONS share the data with other service provides entities, namely, computer

technicians, which provide technical management of the Platform. Although, these companies will

have access to the DATA, in order to manage and work on the Platform security. These companies

are forbidden to share any data by “NDA”.

SIXEMOTIONS will procede to prevent non-authorized accesses to the DATA.

All the provided DATA is stored with SSL Security Certificate and frequently reviewed in

order to backup and check the DATA.

The “Data Owner” can, at any time, require the withdraw His/Her DATA consent, by sending an e-

mail to:

SIXEMOTIONS is not responsible to verify the veracity of the DATA, provided by the “Data

Owner”. The “Data Owner” is responsible to provide truthful DATA and is responsible for anything

related directly, indirectly, related or connected with the authenticity or veracity of the data

provided, not disregarding the rights mentioned in this Policy.

The “Data Owner” can contact SIXEMOTIONS.COM, regarding anything related with the DATA

used to these Contacts:

 Phone Number:  +351 939 182 666


The “Data Owner” has the right to file an appeal to the supervisory authority, in case “CNPD –

Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados”.

The “Data Owner” has the right to access His/Her own DATA at any time, as well as rectify, erase

or limit the use of any DATA detail. As well as the right to oppose to the DATA use or process its portability.

Any of the rights mentioned can be claimed through the email: , using the email registered in the Platform by the “Data Owner”.

The “Data Owner” has the right to the portability of His/Her own DATA, as well as to receive the

provided DATA and the right to request SIXEMOTIONS.COM for the transfer of His/Her own Data

to another entity, in a structured way of current use and automatic reading, as long as this is

technically possible to do by SIXEMOTIONS.COM.

The “Data Owner” has the right to oppose the use or treatment of the DATA by

SIXEMOTIONS.COM, at any time.

Notwithstanding the provisions set above, SIXEMOTIONS.COM provide the DATA provided by the “Data Owner”, for scientific purposes, historical investigation, statistic purposes, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial suit in case it is demanded for exercising the right to freedom of expression, information or bind by any legal obligation by the Union Law or any State Member in which the responsible is subdued, any demands of any public interest or exercising any public authority order or legal demand or public interest or for purposes of public interest in filing the DATA.

”Partners” are forbidden do use the provided data for different purposes than those which are

mentioned in the Consent and forbidden to use the DATA for any marketing or statistic research


SIXEMOTIONS assume that the Users and Members, know and accept the terms and conditions explained regarding the Personal DATA as well as give their Consent.

The “Data Owner” doesn’t have to give Consent for the marketing or statistic use of their own

DATA, in order to use the Platform.

SIXEMOTIONS reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. The changes will be announced in the Platform.

In case SIXEMOTIONS changes the “General Consent”, the “Marketing Purpose Consent”, the

“Statistic Purpose Consent” or the “Service Evaluation Consent”, the “Data Owner” will receive a

notification in the e-mail He/She registered in the Platform, if needed, to give another Consent of any kind.


i.        “Data Owner”: Terms Subscriber, Platform User, and Service Acquirer.

ii.       “Partners”: Companies which access and advertise their products and services through the


iii.      “Platform”: Website or APP, identified as SIXEMOTIONS and is used to access the Products

and Services, as for example:

iv.      “Emotions”: Transfers, Attractions, Events, Food & Beverage, Culture and Wellness.

Assigned email

When you sign up for a sixemotions account with an personal email address or an email address provisioned by your organization; (i) you must use it in compliance with your organization's terms and policies; (ii) Your administrators may be able to access, disclose, restrict, or remove information in or from your Sixemotion’s account; (iii) They may also be able to restrict or terminate your access to this Sixemotion’s account; (iv) Your organization may be able to block your use of Sixemotion’s APP; (v) You may sign up to your Sixemotion’s account with a personal email address.

General Consent

1.       By giving Consent to the following terms, the “Data Owner” accept the terms and consent on

providing the DATA for the named purposes and the “Data Owner” is 18 years old or older to

consent validly.

If the “Data Owner” is younger than 18 years old, His/Her guardian must send a consent email to

SIXEMOTIONS. In return SIEXMOTIONS will send Him/Her a confirmation e-mail to consent the

under aged “Data Owner”.

The “Data Owner” consent to provide the following DATA to be processed by SIXEMOTIONS:

a. First Name;

b. Last Name;

c.  E-mail;

d. Phone number;

e. Country;

f.   Credit Card details.

2.   The “Data Owner” consent SIXEMOTIONS the use this DATA, for the following purposes:

“Transfers” service is provided and advertised by SIXEMOTIONS.COM in the Platform, the

purpose is to associate an Account to the “Data Owner” and an Online Profile in the Platform,

when he accesses the account and books this service, SIXEMOTIONS.COM will use the “Data

Owner” First Name, Last Name and Country to identify the “Data Owner” in order to manage safely the service bought; (i) SIXEMOTIONS, will use the “Data Owner’s” e-mail and phone number to contact Him/Her, regarding the service acquired or to give Him/Her any other information related with the product or service. The “Data Owner” consent to receive e-mail confirmations of the acquired products and service and any other communication regarding the products and services; (ii) the DATA provided by the “Data Owner” about His/Her age mean to confirm the validity of the

Consent given and the legality in the products and services acquired; (iii) The Credit Card data provided by the “Data Owner” has the purpose to make the payment of the acquired products or services, namely “Transfers”, “Attractions”, “Events”, “Food & Beverage”, “Culture”, “Wellness”, acquired by the “Data Owner”.

Regarding “Transfers”, “Attractions”, “Events”, “Food & Beverage”, “Culture”, “Wellness”

products and services, the purpose is to associate an Account to the “Data Owner” and an Online Profile within the Platform. When accessing the account and acquires the products and services advertised by the “Partners”, as products and service provides, the “Partners” will use their First Name and Last Name to identify the “Data Owner” and manage the acquired product and service.

3. In relation to the Phone Number, this DATA is meant to be used by the “Partners”, regarding

the “Transfers”, “Attractions”, “Events”, “Food & Beverages”, “Culture”, “Wellness” services acquired by the “Data Owner” regarding the service acquired or to reply with any other information related with the service. The “Data Owner” consents in receiving any call regarding the acquired product and service.

4. The “Data Owner” consents in maintaining an On-line profile in the Platform until he decides

to request its erasure.

5. The “Data Owner” consents His/Her First Name, Last Name and Phone number to be

shared with the “Partners” (check this link to see the agreement made with the “Partners” regarding the Data Sharing Policy).

6. The “Data Owner” consents that SIXEMOTIONS may communicate via e-mail, or phone,

regarding the acquired products and services as well as communication management or security alerts.

7. The “Data Owner” consents in giving the DATA with the legal basis of acquiring the products

and services advertised on the Platform.

8. The “Data Owner” consent the sharing of the DATA with third party Partners, namely companies that make the technical management of the Platform.

9. The “Data Owner” consent DATA storage by SIXEMOTIONS until the “Data Owner”

requests to erase His/Her DATA, including the On-line profile, as well as all the reservations or services acquired until the erasure is requested.

10. The “Data Owner” consent SIXEMOTIONS to notify Him/Her, via e-mail, regarding any

change made to the “General Consent”, the “Marketing Purposes Consent”, “Statistic Purposes Consent” or “Service Evaluation Consent”.

11. The “Data Owner” consent SIXEMOTIONS notify Him/Her regarding additional DATA


12. The “Data Owner” can at any time consult His/Her DATA, revoke the Consent, oppose the

use or treatment of the data by SIXEMOTIONS, ask for access, rectification or data usage limitation and the portability of His/Her DATA.

13. All the mentioned rights can be easily claimed to this email 

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